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My first ever pantomime script had its premier at Christmas 2015 at my local theatre. It was exciting seeing the characters come to life, and seeing audiences and cast enjoy the show.

Santa Claus - the panto is a brand new story combined with all the traditional features that make panto fun for all the family. The plot involves stopping Beatrix the Bad Fairy ruining Christmas so the panto is designed to be performed before the great day rather than after.

I will eventually be giving away the script on this site so theatres, dramatic societies, schools and other groups can use it. Instead of charging a royalty fee for each performance, I'll be asking each group to make a donation to The Cystic Fibrosis Research Trust to help find a cure for the disease that took the life of both my sons.

If you'd like me to tell you when the script is available, please send me an email or join my mailing list.

Animation scripts
I love writing scripts for animation. Maybe that's because it fits in with the early writing I did as a child when I used characters from TV. In writing animation, someone else creates the characters and the setting and writes them down in what is called 'the series bible'. My role is to create stories using those characters and I really enjoy doing it.

The skills I need for scriptwriting are very similar to those I use for writing picture books. Both require me to think visually and somehow transfer the pictures in my head onto paper so they can be recreated by the illustrator or animator.

The first series for which I wrote was Little Ghosts which was shown on CITV in the spring of 2002. As the name suggests, the main characters are ghosts and the series has a wonderfully surreal feel with lots of laughs. My episodes are Dragon Flight, Washing Day Wish, Ghost Games and Superghost.

I've also written for the Canadian animated series, Henry's World, and for a series called Rudi and Trudi. I hope to write more scripts in the future, but I'm currently concentrating on books.

If you want to know more about writing for animation, visit Stan Hayward's excellent site.







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Get a free story when you join my mailing list
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