The Pony Mad Princess

The Pony-Mad Princess series is full of ponies and horses. Here are some facts about them.


Chestnut gelding – very trustworthy and reliable, although he can shy sometimes. Can open stable bolts with his tongue. Has a white blaze down his face.


Black Shetland gelding, very greedy, rather wilful, completely reliable with traffic. Too small to look over the stable door. Loves peppermints.


Palomino mare. Lightly built show pony with more beauty than brains. Bucks sometimes. Can wriggle out of a headcollar by pulling it over her ears. Likes cornflakes. Rainbow’s friend.


Grey Welsh mare. Less perfect than Sundance but not as flighty as Moonbeam. Frightened of pigs and has an annoying habit of lying down in water. Rainbow and Moonbeam are close friends, standing head to tail in the field to swish the flies from each other’s faces.


Solidly built bay mare with long hair (feathers) over her hooves. Has a white star between her eyes and a passion for carrots. Well-behaved but harder to ride than the others – wider back and needs the right aids to tell her what to do.


Skewbald filly foal.


Tall grey thoroughbred gelding.

Toffee, Fudge

Matching pair of chestnut ponies. They are both mares.


Enormous jet black gelding.


Grey pony with flowing mane.


Skewbald gelding


Muddy brown gelding with no mane. He is very bothered by flies and midges.


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