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How do I join your mailing list?
Just put your email address in this box and click "subscribe".

When you've done that, I'll send you an email asking you to confirm you want to join. This is to check it's really you who put your address in the box, not someone else playing tricks.

Will you share my email address with anyone else?
No. I hate people doing that with my email address so I promise I won't do that with yours.

What's the story about?
It's my twist on the traditional tale of Sleeping Beauty and it grew from the question "What would happen if the prince didn't like kissing?" That would mess up the Good Fairy's plan to make him break the spell by kissing the princess, so Kissing is Yucky is the story of how she solves the problem.

How do you give me the book? Do I have to give you my address so you can post it?
When you've signed up for the mailing list, I'll send you a welcome email with links for you to download the book in pdf format, as an epub ebook and as a Kindle ebook. You can use any or all of them.

My daughter is only 5. Is the story too old for her?
Not at all. Some of the jokes may go over her head, but she shouldn't realise she's missing anything.

I'm 45. Is the story too young for me?
That depends whether you're completely grown up inside. It's a children's story, but adults enjoy it too.




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