The Lamb-a-roo

The Lamb-a-roo cover

Illustrated by Rosalind Beardshaw
Published by Gullane

Shortlisted for the Stockport Schools' Book Award 2007

When a kangaroo finds a baby lamb who's crying out for a 'Maa', she falls in love with him and puts him in her pouch. The only problem is that he's very different from his new family of bouncing kangaroos! But when the lamb and his Maa try to be more like each other, things just aren't the same.

This story was inspired by my beautiful, brown-eyed adopted daughter who so wanted to have blue eyes like the rest of the family. The idea of using a sheep and a kangaroo to explore 'feeling different' was triggered by that well-known joke.

Q: What do you get if you cross a sheep with a kangaroo?

A: A woolly jumper.

I'm delighted that Rosalind Beardshaw agreed to illustrate the book. Her pictures are gorgeous, and they bring the characters to live with just the right expressions on their faces.

As warm and cuddly as the fluffy lamb on its cover

Publishers Weekly

I liked this because not all families are the same and this tackles the issue of difference in a very positive way.

The Bookseller

This wonderful book beautifully illustrates how love can be shared across boundaries and how we can celebrate diversity instead of worrying about being different.

This is a beautiful heart-warming tale that is sure to appeal to readers and listeners of all ages.

Armadillo magazine


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