Spectacular Special Effects

Anything can happen on screen. Alien battle cruisers can attack a galaxy far far away. Dinosaurs can overcome extinction to roam the Earth again and perfectly ordinary broomsticks can fly.

Bringing events like these to life is the task of the special effects team. But special effects aren't restricted to TV and film. They also happen on stage and that's even harder as the audience are watching the whole time.

I caught my fascination with special effects from my son who decided at the age of 11 that that's what he wanted to do for a living. He spent hours working out how effects were done on screen, built props for the local theatre and filled his bedroom with severed arms, collapsing shelves and dripping taps. Eventually, after lots of work, he succeeded and his expertise has helped me create this book for other children (and adults) who, like him, want to know how it's all done.

But this book goes beyond 'how it's done' to 'why it works'. It looks at low budget as well as high budget effects and includes some ideas simple enough to try yourself for your school play or home video. Read this book and you too could have a collapsing shelf in your bedroom.

A fascinating book that screens the truth from the lies about cinematic weather, fights, chases, monsters and disasters.

Keighley News

Brilliantly illustrated by Royston Robertson
Cunning cover by Clive Goddard
Published by Scholastic

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